Sunday Funday

Hello loves, I’ve dug myself out of the grave once again to post (I just hate missing out on Sunday Funday it’s my favorite!). Yesterday I spent all day resting and last minute made plans for drinks and a fire with friends at our house… not the best idea for someone who is sick! Needless to say today I am paying the price!

It’s just such a beautiful Sunday though and we have the windows open, played with the pets outside, and Elliott did lots of yard work/cleaning for me while I relax hahah. Thank god for that man. Later we have a “game night” planned at a friends so lets hope I can pull through!

How are all of you guys? I promise I’ll respond to comments ASAP! & thank you for all the well wishes<3 I hope you’re all having awesome weekends! Anyone have special plans?

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this week ūüôā

1.Chicken Wing¬†cheat sheet… just in time for football season! 2. Super easy¬†Lazy Girl Hairstyles¬†3.¬†Toasted Marshmellow¬†Iced Coffee 4. Salted caramel¬†Brioche Donuts… so delicious 5.How to look good¬†Without Makeup¬†6..¬†DIY¬†stretch mark creams that work. 7. Delicious¬†Peppermint Eggnog Shots¬†8. Ideas to¬†¬†Host¬†the perfect date night 9. Ten¬†Mistakes¬†that¬†new gardeners make.

Anything you love? Have a great holiday weekend!