Sunday Funday

My first Sunday at my new site, how exciting! And Happy Mother’s Day ūüôā I’m just sitting here drinking homemade iced coffee & waiting to leave for work.

This week was one of those weird ones that seems to move really fast and slow all at the same time. We flew back from Charlotte Monday afternoon & returned to school/work Tuesday. I don’t usually complain about my schedule, but you know how hard it is to return to work after a vacation? Well, now imagine you were returning to 15 hour days… and throw in a major cold!

At work our territory manager decided to make a surprise visit for the first time since I’ve worked there. How kind of her to make my first week back so pleasant.. NOT! I refer to her as the wicked witch of the East so you can just imagine how welcome she was lol. I also developed a terrible cold. I wasn’t sure if it was¬†Allergies¬†or a cold so I took every medicine possible (I don’t recommend doing this fyi) and am finally feeling better TODAY. I also worked the weekend so pretty much I cant wait for this Friday because I have the weekend off!

How was your weekend? Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day?

Here are my favorite links from around the web this week:


BeFunky Collage

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Xo, Miranda<3


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