Sunday Funday

Ahh it’s already Sunday again?!? I honestly haven’t done much this weekend… the week wore me out! Plus Elliott worked Saturday until 4 so we just relaxed all night. I mean what else is there really to do on a winter NY night? Haha So basically binge watching Netflix with the pups is how it went! I also finished my book The Woman In The Window and read through a large portion of my magazine stack. Feeling productive lol
Did you do anything fun this week?
& Here are my favorite links from around the web this week.


  1. Twelve ingredients for a better Detox bath 2. Things this blogger wishes she did before 30 but why she’s glad she didn’t do them 3. This Cashew Chai latte 4. Which hair Brush is best for your hair 5. A DIY Roll up organizer for your junk drawer 6. The one nail Tutorial you need this year 7. The biggest (& Strangest) skincare trends this year 8. Warming traditional Chinese soups 9. What to do with your Hands in photos




That’s all for now my loves<3

Xo, Miranda