Sunday Funday: Somewhere On A Beach

Hey guys, cheers to a late post. I had the BEST weekend at my friend’s new house near Providence Rhode Island. We planned a last-minute road trip for Friday with another couple friend of ours. Friday night we stayed in & had a few drinks and tried These tablets that make sour foods taste sweet, seriously cool (and not drug related or illegal at all btw). Saturday was beach day, with more drinks by the water at Paddy’s, and dinner (and more drinks) at Blu. Today was breakfast at this awesome coffee bar Brewed Awakenings with an amazing Chai latte and cinnabuns the size of your head. I would seriously recommend taking a trip to Rhode Island if anyone and can’t wait to go back. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

I hope you all had wonderful weekends as well!

Here are my favorite links from around the web:

BeFunky Collage


1. For all of you 90’s babies, every time you Wished you were Mary Kate & Ashley 2. Blueberry Brie Cornbread muffins with honey butter.. drool 3. Etiquette Tips for going Au Naturale at the beach.. nude beaches be damned 4. Awesome beach Books for single ladies (really for all ladies). 5. Rainbow Hawaiian chicken skewers 6. Makeup tricks to Master by 30 7. Finally, when to Splurge on beauty vs when to save 8. Seven ways your Height Effects your health 9. Ten things I Learned from Legally Blonde.


Thats all for now loves,
Have a great day<3
Xo, Miranda.