Sunday Funday/New Year

Happy Sunday, & Happy New Year! This year we had a few plans: go to my mothers for a family party, have mine & Elly’s dads over, travel to a friend’s up north for hockey & games, meet with good friends for a small fun party, or walk next door to our neighbors for a get together with their friends. Guess what we did? None of them. Sometimes you need a little down time even if it’s on an event day & since I worked Saturday my body just wanted to rest. We had a great time just watching Netflix, eating chips and salsa, drinking corona, and finishing with sauteed scallops, asparagus, and couscous. Perfect New Year’s in.

Take this time to reflect on your past year. what are you grateful for? What do you wish you could’ve done? What would you like to do this upcoming year? This year I am grateful for getting a chance to create memories with friends, increase my physical health, and of course get a whole year with my everything, Elliott. In year I would like to focus more on my career & health. I want to train for a 5K now that I have improved on my cardio, I want to learn more about holistic health & mental health. I also want to continue my focus on school and learn as much as possible.

What are your goals for 2017? What are you grateful for? & What’d you do?

Here are my favorite links from the past week (and year, hehe).


BeFunky Collage.jpg

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That’s all for now loves,
Xo Miranda<3