Super Sunday Funday

Is everyone ready for the superbowl? Who are you rooting for?!? I personally am going Broncos though, really, I’m not a huge football fan. I mean, I cheered for football during high school but never really caught on to all of the terminology and rules and personally just can never sit through a game with all the time outs and flags haha! I chose Broncos because A. I like their colors B. I think they are a respectable team and C. Peyton Manning is funny as all hell (See this Skit) What I am always down for: all of the delicious food.

Today though we are laying low key. We actually stayed pretty low key all weekend, which we never do anymore. Friday was an early night in as we both worked Saturday. Saturday after work & gym was date nigh at Hibachi (yum). Today we met for brunch with Elly’s dad (double yum) & then hit the mall. I’ve been wanting to buy myself some stuff for awhile (ever get that way?) I ended up with Calvin Klein undergarments, Naked 3 pallet along with some other skincare/makeup from Sephora, and new books from Barnes & Noble.

We were invited to a few Superbowl parties but decided to stay in. We’ve been on a no drinking, no crap eating diet, and just didn’t feel like going out. So we’re finishing our lazy weekend by cooking a pizza from scratch and -yes- watching the game with a few drinks. This is, of course, against my better judgement but after we turned down all of our invites Elly started feeling down about spending Superbowl Sunday without indulging with friends so this was a happy compromise.

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web:
*Also, stay tuned for my review of my Naked 3 pallet which I am SO excited for*


  1. Chrissy Teigen’s Soft-Pretzels with spicy cheese dip 2. Genius! How to Fold an open bag of chips 3. 5 ways to create a more Meaningful space 4. how to Upgrade your bedside style 5. Ginger and Jasmine Rose Cocktail … so pretty! 6. Delicious mini vegan Fudge and coconut tarts 7. 6 beauty products that make Netflix and chill even better 8. The Key to being an original & creative thinking!


That’s all for now loves, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend
& check back for my Naked 3 review
Xo, Miranda <3