It has been a VERY long Friday… I’m sure its mostly because I’m so excited to spend and entire weekend with the boy. It’s mother’s day this Sunday and I still have to find the perfect gift for my mother! Any suggestions?

I wanted to do a post on how to be a good bridesmaid as my friend recently got engaged and asked me to be one of hers. It’s very exciting! Were slowly starting all the planning and since this is my first time being one I figured I’d help anyone else out who’s going through the same experience.

How To Be A Good Bridesmaid.

1. Listen up. My friend already has a thousand thoughts going through her head, and an equal amount of people trying to give her advice and sometimes pushing their ideas on her. Listening not only helps the bride to be de-stress but also helps you help her. If you know she’s looking for (insert color, place, or thing here) just send her a quick email or text with a few links of ideas with “what do you think”.

2. Know when to stay quiet. A white lie here or there is permissible so long as she isn’t going to embarrass herself. So she already bought the dress and it’s not your favorite but looks good on her? You love it.  If she’s trying on dresses to buy and one isn’t flattering? You tell her in a positive way “that last dress you tried on really flattered your (insert body part here), how about trying this one?” She won’t say no.

3.Give a great toast. Not every bride requires one, not every bridesmaid wants to give one. And that is OKAY. If you do wish to honor your bride with a toast make it short, sweet, and to the point. Aim for 3 minutes which will take up the perfect amount of time. Start by telling how you know the bride, move on to something funny (but appropriate) and finish with something sentimental. Perfection.

4. Check your list.. twice. When it comes to little tasks, discuss with the other bridesmaids who is in charge of what. Your bride may someone to pick up her dress from the hotel the day after the wedding, knowing in advance prevents any surprises.

5. Dedicate as much time as you can, but set boundaries. If your bride is asking for more time than you can give it is fair to say “I’m crazy busy right now but I’ve set aside these dates that I can be all yours, lets plan some things for then”.

6. Decorate her hotel room. Give the couple something fun to come back to after the big day. Champagne, something salty and something sweet will usually do the trick. Don’t go over the top and definitely don’t cover the bed in rose petals which can stain and end with the couple being charged.