Just when I had given up, Friday came! This has seriously been the longest week ever (I find that weeks that follow vacations always drag) but it’s finally over.

I can’t wait to have date night tonight! We plan to see horrible bosses 2, I’ll let you know how we like it next week. Tomorrow is the Holiday party for work, then straight up to Schroon lake house for Sunday and Monday for a long weekend 🙂

So in honor of Friday I’ve decided to dedicated this post to getting smokin’ hot for the weekend. I’ll start with a little help from the VS ANGELS to get everyone motivated. The show was amazing like it always is. Surprise.
Here’s my favorite looks:

Hello Gorgeous!

Ok so now you can pick your jaws off the floor and use that motivation to focus on fitness! Since it’s Friday, things should be easy, and whats easier than a 30 day challenge? I have been doing the 30 day squat challenge, and lord have I seen results, seriously! I recommend everyone try this super easy way to subtly get in shape. Not only has my derrier gotten a nice lift but my legs are much more toned and look like I’ve been running a mile a day even though I haven’t! I’ts easy, just start with your base amount and every day add a bit. I made it a point to complete a little bit every time I used the rest room so that I actually committed, weird but it worked!

This is the one I did

But if ya want to start slow you can also do this one

Moving on, nothing ruins good hair and good makeup like a blemish. Here’s how to fix them at every stage, courtesy of Allure’s December 14th issue

Stage 1: You feel it coming.
Pimples start off as flat red marks that are easy to cover with a concealer stick. Dont use creams which will slide off a blemish in a few hours. Run a concealer brush over the stick, swipe it across the back of your hand so that you don’t overdo it, then dot over the spot (do this before foundation).

Stage 2: It’s here and it’s massive.
Putting concealer directly on a raised pimple can quickly turn into a globby mess. Instead, draw concealer around the edge of the pimple with a clean brush and blend it toward the center. If your concealer looks obvious, soften it by buffing with a clean, fluffy eye-shadow brush- it works even better if you dip it in translucent powder first.

Stage 3: Thank heaven its shrinking.
Once a pimple is on its way to disappearing, the skin is often still flaky and bumpy. Moisturize the area and tissue it off; by just pressing and lifting, you’ll remove flakes. Then brush concealer on top. Move the brush in different directions- up and down, side to side- to blend makeup over the nooks and crannies of raised skin.

Thats all for now folks, time to leave the office!