The Argument For A Bucket List

Hello beauties, happy Saturday!! I’m having a lovely day, I hit the gym bright and early, met up with my boyfriend to have my car checked over, came home and made a delicious healthy breakfast (slice of toast, hummus, smashed avocado with roasted red pepper and onion, topped with an egg, Asiago cheese, salsa, and baby arugula…. wordy but amazing hehe). Now that everything is cleaned up I’m going for a walk through the forest to take in all the fall weather & then home to get ready & out for drinks with some girl friends 🙂

At the gym today I was reading an article in Shape magazine that pushed to have us all step out of our comfort zone. It quotes “Doing something that challenges you gives you a whole different outlook and makes you more receptive to change” by psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph. D, author of Better than Perfect and suggests that people who often step out of their comfort zone tend to be more emotionally strong and creative.

I could not agree more & it made me want to share this recommendation with all of you. I used to constantly be caught between wanting to do things, talk to people, ect and the fear of actually trying. It emotionally made me upset to see so many people out there fearlessly achieving things I desired while I sat at home waiting for the “right time”. So I changed things, slowly I set out to cross items off my bucket list .. however big or small they were. I also stopped saying “no” as often and embraced opportunities that were presenting themselves to me. Sometimes it was hard, and intimidating, but I never wavered and I’ll never look back. The simple act of getting out of my comfort zone changed me for the better in such an unimaginable way.

I’d love to see the same for you! We all have a bucket list (just reference your Pinterest if you need to refresh your memory). I urge you to actively set out to get some things accomplished for yourself and bask in the emotional victories it brings you. Don’t wait for them to come to you, the whole point is to make it happen for yourself. It will leave you less afraid, more confident, and more willing to put yourself out there in the future. Say “yes”. You might just be amazed how much your life can change or the success you will encounter.

Here are some suggestions to get you moving. Big or small, it’s all worth it!


  1. Work Your Way Through A Cookbook. 
    Whether it takes a few months or a year to complete, taking on each recipe will strengthen your skills, broaden your palate, and inspire you to try things you thought you didn’t like, and hopefully introduce you to a ton of dishes you absolutely love. Now you can show off to your friends and family and cook them amazing meal!
  2. Travel Solo 
    When you travel by yourself, you’re forced to decide exactly what your heart is telling you to do, without having to compromise with anyone else. That can instill a sense of boldness that endures even after you’ve returned home.
  3. Go Rock Climbing.
    On a hike, you enjoy nature. When you climb a mountain, you conquer it. Once you’re at the summit, bask in the accomplishment-and the happy knowledge that you just burned 700 calories an hour.
  4. Change Your Hair Color. Go for a completely new shade or try a few streaks of color. The thrilling jolt you’ll feel whenever you catch sight of yourself in the mirror will put an extra bounce in your step for weeks.
  5. Redecorate A Room In Your House.  Toss aside any thought about what it “should” look like and do what makes you feel great when you walk into that space. That might mean pulling a comfy armchair into the dining room, painting the kitchen ceiling bright blue, or covering an accent wall in your bedroom with mementos like race ribbons and maps.
  6. Make Waves. Surfers describe the sensation of riding a wave as addictively euphoric, exhilarating, and surreal. To tap into the thrill go to Surfline and find a surf school near you or travel somewhere warm and beachy.
  7. Sign Up For A Race.
    Training for a specific goal gives your sweat sessions a purpose that goes beyond burning calories. You’ll stop thinking of yourself as an amateur runner (or biker, swimmer, or CrossFitter) and start thinking of yourself as an athlete, which will motivate you to pursue other milestones, like a mud run or a triathlon, long after you reach the finish line. Find an event that fits your schedule at Active
  8. Jump Into Scuba Diving.
    Opening your eyes to the amazing world that exists underwater will blow your mind and help you learn to live in the moment. When you’re down below, you’re completely focused on the sea life in front of you. Everything else melts away. Find a class at Padi. If you love it, get certified.

  9. Go Off The Grid For A Weekend. No email or Internet- at all. Without the distractions, you’ll be compelled to turn outward and really connect with others and what’s going on around you. Come Monday, your stress levels will be lower, according to recent research.
     Ask An Acquaintance Out On A “Date”. 
    Spending time with new pals strengthens your heart, research in Annals of Behavioral Medicine found. It feels good too.

  11. Once A Month, Take A Funday Trip. 
    Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, like a botanical garden or a museam that’s just far enough away for you to keep putting off the trip. Use the Field Trip App to find new cool spots.
  12. Try A Full Contact Fitness Class.
    Think Boxing of Muay Thai. The pure physicality of the punching, jabbing, and kicking offers a rare opportunity to get out your aggression. After the hour is up, you’ll feel powerful, confident-and more ready to take on your next challenge.

  13.  Try Improv.
    It will help you think on your feet, work well with others, and communicate better- skills so valuable that the MIT Sloan School Of Management offers an improv leadership class to its MBA students. Meetup is a great place to find a group.Really though, the possibilities are endless..

My Current Bucket List Includes:

  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Go scuba diving
  • Learn as many new languages as possible
  • Travel to every continent and explore
  • Hike all 46 Adirondack Mountains
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn lots of instruments
  • Run a marathon
  • Hike the PCT
  • Take a photography course

    So Far I’ve:
    Hiked many mountains, started a blog, applied to go back to school, became a black belt, learned to cook, learning guitar, learning to golf, faced my fear of going to the gym alone.

What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments 🙂

I hope you’re all having an awesome weekend so far!
Xo Miranda<3