The Longest Manicure


Manicures are (second to diamonds) a girls best friend. There are so many benefits to having a nice, fresh set of nails. For instance, I always make sure to have my nails perfect when going in for a job interview because-like it or not-appearance plays a big factor in other people’s judgement of professionalism and job capabilities. Plus, they’re fun, and a great relaxing experience.

Since we spend so much time and money perfecting our nails, it’s best to make sure they last. Sometimes this can be more difficult- like when you’re going on vacation. Here are my tips on keeping nails fresh and chip-free as long as possible.


  • Run fingers though hair directly after swimming or showering, use a wide tooth comb instead. Your polish is softer after you get out of the water so it can flake more easily if it gets caught in hair.
  • Leave alcohol on your nails for an extended period of time. Be it hand sanitizer, an alcoholic beverage, or your favorite fragrance, alcohol can cause dulling on your nails.
  • using chemical sunscreen can dull your nails if left on for long. After applying (and reapplying- im all about safe sun) wipe nails clean with a tissue or alcohol-free face wipe.
  • avoid sand, dirt, anything gritty-it can take away shine, dull polish, and make polish more likely to chip.


  • Keep nails hydrated! It’s the easiest way to extend a manicure as dry, brittle nails are prone to lose shine and chip away. Use a cuticle oil (I love my little one from CND, but opi and sally hensen make one) and reapply often, followed by a thick hand cream.
  • Invest in a new top coat. Look for ones advertised in “high-shine” to keep your nails glossy and looking like you just stepped out of the salon (i love seche vite).
  • Pick a fun color! Spring is the time to try something new. If your style is more low-key try a bright (but still tame) fuscia or magenta, for the more daring i LOVE a bright neon nail or full pastel shade (lilac, mint, e t)