Things I Love/Hate


Hey y’all! Late post, everything has been so crazy lately, its like the whole world woke up from hibernation and I’ve been one busy bee.

Anywho, I was nominated by the lovely Alice to try the love/hate challenge. I’ll list 10 things I love, 10 things I hate, and up to 10 lovely ladies to go next… here goes 🙂

Ten things I love.

1. Fresh cut flowers. I love how they can brighten up any room and instantly make you feel cheerful. My recent favorites have been tulips.

2. Wine. Low-ish in calories, high in flavor. I prefer a mild, sweet, red like a shirah and a more crisp white like a pinot (duh).

3. Jergens natural glow firming formula. Because without it i would be casper.
4. This amazing weather. It kinda came out of nowhere but I’m not complaining.

5. My wonderful boyfriend, Elliott. I talk about him a lot and it’s because hes truly the best person ive ever met.
6. Heels. Im only 5’0 so you’ll almost always see me in something with a little height. My new obsession has been wedges for summer…I can’t get enough.

7. Exploring nature. I live in upstate NY and spend a ton of time outdoors. My favortie way to spend Saturday morning is hiking a moutain. Plus its great exercise.

8. Makeup and skincare. I worked for Clinique as a makeup artist and skincare consultant so its pretty much second nature for me.

9. My lovely friends who are always there to have drinks, gossip, go shopping ect.

10. My amazing followers. You,guys are seriously awesome.

Things I Hate.
1. Bees, bugs, ants… you name it i,hate it.

2.My entire garden wilting and dying. Oops, I try and try but everything always dies.

3. People who are close minded and judgey.

4. Rain.. rain, go away (har, har). Seriously though, it drives me crazy.

5.Accidently wearing a cute dress on a super windy day.. gotta check the weather more often.

6. Vanilla icing, and white chocolate.

7. Chocolate ice cream and baked goods (yeahh im weirdly picky)

8. Mosquitoes, because to me they’re a whole other category of insect. I’m constantly getting bit, must be too sweet.

9. Having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

10. Mondays. Self-explanatory.

I chose five lucky ladys to nominate 😉
Have fun!


P.s. TGI(almost)F. This weekend I plan to spend tons of time with Elliott as next weekend is sure to be crazy busy. It’s nice because its been so long since we had a full weekend off together.

What are your weekend plans?

XO Miranda