Thursday Essentials.

It’s thursday, otherwise know as “pay day” to all of us who belong to credit unions. Thank the gods, this day gets me through the week!

I’ve already spent a decent amount of my money online shopping. I’d love to say its all for Christmas gifts (a decent amount was!) but honestly, sometimes a girl needs to spoil herself. So I figured I’d post my Thursday essentials to curb my cravings to buy the internet.

1. Fresh Flowers: Every payday, special occasion, random surprise, ect. should be completed with fresh flowers. Whats not to like? My favorite are tulips, and roses but really all are beautiful, and brighten any day.

2. Wine: What better to compliment flowers than wine? It’s been a long week and I fully plan to indulge tonight, they do call it Thirsty Thursday for a reason! Generally I’ll never turn down a nice white Pinot (hint the name) but tonight I’m feeling something darker.

3. Some Pampering: Whats a lazy Thursday without some TLC. This night should be used to prepare for the weekend, holidays, destress, you name it! I usually will do a soothing and detoxifying foot soak with epson salts, followed by a mani/pedi (a DIY at home makes it all the more fun), and a face mask of some kind, right now I’m loving The Body Shop’s Tea Tree mask.

Those are my top three. What are yours?