Tried & True: Cold Remidies

Hey guys! Just checking in on my day off. Today was pretty relaxing and uneventful. I woke up early & hit the gym, showered and cleaned the house. That’s all haha. I’m excited for this weekend which will be filled with friends so today I am laying low. Friday we’ve been invited to a dinner party with friends & Saturday we’re meeting up for Sushi and drinks with other friends! Yay!

I’ve been big on planning out blog posts. Funny thing is I never even knew it was possible but oh my it is just amazing. Just write when you have time or are particularly inspired and then one day your post just magically appears. Does anyone else do this?

It came particularly in handy when I was sick last week. Gosh, that cold just wouldn’t go away! Which is why I figured I’d share some “cold remedies” that are out there. That way if anyone else gets sick your cold will be shortened!

Remedy: Chicken Soup.
The age old classic & everybody’s favorite. Good news is that the broth decreases inflammation and with all of the fluids, salts, and good nutrition it will re hydrate you too. Next time you’re feeling under the weather feel free to indulge (I know I sure do).

Remedy: Garlic.
It has been hinted at that this bulb has antiviral powers, but there isn’t a ton of evidence or studies to prove it. At the very least it’s harmless so go ahead and add some raw garlic to your favorite meal and see if it works.

Remedy: Zinc.
My favorite cold secret! Zinc is one of the only clinically proven remedies out there. It has been shown to stop the rhinovirus from multiplying so next time you feel a sore throat coming on take a supplement of 13.3 mg or more, and another 2 hours later.

Remedy: Vitamin C.
Studies have shown that it may help with certain people, especially if they’re vitamin C deficient. Try implementing it to your diet naturally to help ward off a cold. Hint: strawberries actually have more than double the vitamin C than oranges so eat up!

Remedy: Salt Water.
Gargling with salt water soothes the throat, rinsing away irritating debris and mucus. Mix 1/2 tsp salt with warm water and gargle a few times a day when feeling sick.