Why You Need A Go-To Look.

What do Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian West have in common? Both have been building their brands using their ambition, charisma, and one very subtle strategy: a signature beauty look. Don’t think of it as just hair and makeup- think of it as your professional PR.

1.It says you’re trustworthy.
“Consistency-even in your look- makes people trust you. It sends an unspoken message that you can be counted on” says Laurin Sydney, who coaches people for public appearances. “If you go to work with a bare face on Monday and aqua shadow the next, it creates the perception that you’re spending too much time experimenting with your look, not focusing on work,” she says. Sydney admits it’s unfair, often inaccurate, but “at work, perception is reality.”

2. Its a visual promotion.
Keeping your beauty game tight also conveys maturity. “Twentysomthings who are experimenting with their identity can appear like adolescents who are still trying to figure it out,” says Vivian Diller, PhD, a psychologist who specializes in women’s issues. “It’s assumed that as an adult, you would know yourself, your values, and your look. Changing it often signals that you’re insecure and unsure of yourself.” Take Victoria Beckham: after playing the tanned-and-glammed soccer wife (with numerous highlights, spiky pixies, and extensions in between), now she maintains a trademark bob to match her critically acclaimed fashion career.

3. It gives you star quality.
Once you stop hopscotching between beauty trends, you’ll stand out- in a good way. “A beauty signature creates a way for people to remember you,” says Diller. It doesn’t have to shout- Jennifer Aniston has made the natural look her thing for a decade plus! – just be consistent. It this evokes a fear of living a beauty Groundhog Day, relax. A beauty signature can still have range. If you’re a bold-lip girl, try peony one day, poppy the next. If you’re working a lob, go sleek on Thursday, shaggy on Friday. “It can evolve,” says Sydney. “Be creative within the bounds of your trademark style!”

Easy Ways To Make A Statement.

A. The power brow. strong arches add instant sophistication.

B. Navy liner. A chic upgrade from ho-hum black.

C. An orange lip. More fun than red, with just as much impact.

D. Dewy Skin. Make a glow-y complexion your thing.