Your Face On Sugar

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so you already know that you need to drink 8 glasses of water, take your makeup off every night, and catch lots of shut eye for great skin. Yet still our complexions aren’t quite perfect. What gives?

Turns out your daily sweet habit might be as bad for your skin as it is for your waistline. When you ingest frequent sugars your body uses a process called glycation to bind sugar to skin’s proteins and lipids, this alters them to form the mutant molecules (called AGEs) that damage collagen and elastin. High sugar intake can also cause a spike in oil production & prevent nutrients from being delivered to your skin.

What all of this means for you: premature aging like dullness, wrinkles, and sagging skin along with the possibility of adult acne. Yikes! 

The bad news: glycation is cumulative, and usually starts to show in your late 20’s. More bad news: as you age your body becomes less efficient at filtering sugars so there’s a high chance this process will get worse as you get older. diet

Now for the good news. A few cookies over the holidays won’t leave you looking double your age & you can still have your cake (and eat it too) so long as you indulge moderately. It’s a good idea to keep your sugar intake to under 6 teaspoons a day for healthy skin.

Some suggestions to lower your levels?

  • Try swapping your trademark margarita (sugar overload) for red wine which comes with it’s own amazing health and anti-aging benefits.
  • Enjoy a square of dark chocolate every day (70% cocoa or more) to feel like you’re really indulging.
  • Treat yourself to fresh fruits and vegetables regularly (there’s a reason blueberry’s are in your favorite anti-aging serum)
  • Read the labels of food before you buy them… most brands have added sugars to things you wouldn’t expect, like your low-fat salad dressing!Till next time,
    Xo Miranda<3